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I always wonder how someone becomes a “blog of note” on I can’t even make the list of ten most recently published blogs. I always try, just to see myself on the list… but no. Tragedy, I tell you. I’m finishing up a play that I should have finished a long time ago, and getting ready to assault agents etc. with my monkey goodness. They will eat of it and be pleased.

If you read that in a Chuck Heston-y voice, it’s a lot funnier. Well, marginally funnier.



Things are looking up around here. The weather’s getting warmer, my friends are moving nearer, and my fiancee gets to visit me soon! I’m expanding my horizons, renewing my faith, buying new pants, and generally enjoying life (in the three spare minutes a week I get).

God willing, this summer will kick off some huge changes around here… I won’t say too much, but I’ll publish later depending on my success or failure. Or should I say lack of success? I’ll save “Failure” for when I’m bitter, 80 years old, walking around and telling the kids how good they’ve got it and they just don’t realize… wait. I do that now. Except I’m not 80.

You kids have no idea how good you’ve got it…

That’s right, I’m talking to you.

I need more time. More time in the day. More time to write. More time to think, to read, to reflect. I’ve got to get moving on my writing. It’s time for a new screenplay, time to finish my play, time to start the new novel. It’s always the hardest part, this starting. But I have to start. For the sake of my sanity. Because I didn’t travel hundreds and hundreds of miles west to stop where I am. I’ve got good people on my side, though. Family, friends, faith. All of that Ned Flan-diddly-anders stuff. I believe. And I know people believe in me. And that’s enough to get me through.

Enough whining. Time for me to write.

Well, Mel Gibson’s father might be a raving loon, but Mel may well be a genius. The Passion of the Christ is the most powerful experience I’ve ever had in a theater. And I’ve seen many a great film, I tell ye. I can’t describe how good it truly is on so many different levels. Suffice it to say that I understand a lot more about Jesus now than I did before I saw the movie. Truly brave, amazing, powerful, evocative filmmaking.

And I didn’t see any anti-Semitism. Which may be because I am not Jewish, so perhaps I’m not sensitive to those things. What I saw were frightened men in a position of power who didn’t want their authority challenged. One man who was brave enough to step forward for everyone else, when he knew nobody else would step forward for him.

Words fail me. I think you all know the story. Now go see the movie.

Busy busy weekend with many more busy weekends to come.

And more good news! LORD OF THE RINGS WON BEST PICTURE! Wheee! Message movies may be on the comeback trail!

My how time flies…especially when you’re not having much fun. I did my taxes and found I haven’t been withholding enough for the state, so I owe them lots of money. I discovered this on the same day my car broke down. Oooooooh the fun!

On the plus side, I have finished book number two, and I am back to scriptwriting for a while (it is why I moved to California after all).

I got the weirdest message on my answering machine today. Arnold Schwarzenegger invited me to a party at Universal Studios Hollywood. Sure, it was just a pre-recorded blurb paid for by the yes on prop 57 & 58 committee, but still. When you hit play on the machine expecting to hear your Mom’s voice, and out comes the teutonic rumble of Ahnult, demanding that you help save Kulifohnia, well, you have to stop and listen. Hell, I might even go out there and see if they’s any doin’s a transpirin’.

I also plan to go see the Passion of the Christ this weekend, if for no other reason than the massive protests/spontaneous prayer groups outside of the ArcLight Cinema. Spectator sports are great. I think the movie looks good. I think it will not only be a good religious movie, but also a good examination of what happens when mob mentality gets started from the seat of power. Citizens become mindless sheep, bending under oppressive forces, everyone is too scared to stand up and let their voice be heard…but enough about the current state of America, I was talking about a movie…

I think my favorite religious quote of the week came from a Simpsons rerun. Homer was throwing a bbq for Marge and said everyone had been invited. Homer sidetracked Flanders from appearing at the event by writing him a note. Cut to Ned on a train bound for Montana, reading: “Dude, meet me in Montana. XOXOXOX Jesus H Christ.”

PS: Mel Gibson’s father is a raving loon. He makes Pat Buchanan look like Jesse Jackson.

More to come.

I haven’t posted in a while because I’ve been busy rewriting. So that’s a good thing. I’m into the final three chapters of my rewrite, and then a lucky select few get the privilege (whether they like it or not) of reading through my draft and offering comments. And then, God willing, it will sell. This in between wedding planning, work, wrestling lessons (which hurt a LOT, fake my ass…) and other such things. I started reading a book called Kiss me Judas by William Christopher Baer, which has the same feel as my new book, although a bit hazier and druggier. It’s just nice to know that the style I’m using has been bought before. It’s important when publishing. Because if your book is truly unique and never before seen, you are either a genius ahead of your time, or in serious need of a rewrite. You can guess where the majority lies there.

I saw Monster. Good movie. I saw Mystic River. Great movie. I want to see City of God, In America, and Miracle.

I’m working on becoming webmaster for World Power Wrestling, so hopefully they will get me some material and I can get their site up and running. And maybe get a start as a writer… finally.


Christmas has come and gone, and my small football miracle has disappeared. Not because The Ravens won (although they did, making everything else moot), but because the Browns beat my Bengals.


Cincinnati finished with a winning record for the first time in God knows how long. Okay, actually, they finished even. No losing record. Good enough for me!

And in other, far more important news…

I’m engaged now!

Wheee! I am a happy, happy man.

But, I don’t know how much of my personal life I want to put on this site, so let’s just leave it at that.

Today, we are going to an endangered feline preserve north of LA… if the mudslides haven’t gotten there first.

More to come…

Well, it’s certainly been a fun ride this fall.

Those who know me know that for the past 13 years, I’ve suffered the affliction of being a Cincinnati Bengals fan. (And the few years before that were just… okay. Winning the Super Bowl isn’t everything…right? I HATE YOU, JOE MONTANA!)



I’m a bit depressed, as it looks like the Bengals will need a small miracle to make the playoffs. They have to beat the Browns. That part is easy. But then they need the Steelers to beat the Ravens.

Oh the humanity.

I’m really tired. I actually spent about seven hours working on a book today, and I’m really making progress. You’ll see an excerpt up soon enough. And then, I’m going to try to focus on marketing what I have, finishing a screenplay, and perhaps winning the lottery.

I need a break.