My how time flies…especially when you’re not having much fun. I did my taxes and found I haven’t been withholding enough for the state, so I owe them lots of money. I discovered this on the same day my car broke down. Oooooooh the fun!

On the plus side, I have finished book number two, and I am back to scriptwriting for a while (it is why I moved to California after all).

I got the weirdest message on my answering machine today. Arnold Schwarzenegger invited me to a party at Universal Studios Hollywood. Sure, it was just a pre-recorded blurb paid for by the yes on prop 57 & 58 committee, but still. When you hit play on the machine expecting to hear your Mom’s voice, and out comes the teutonic rumble of Ahnult, demanding that you help save Kulifohnia, well, you have to stop and listen. Hell, I might even go out there and see if they’s any doin’s a transpirin’.

I also plan to go see the Passion of the Christ this weekend, if for no other reason than the massive protests/spontaneous prayer groups outside of the ArcLight Cinema. Spectator sports are great. I think the movie looks good. I think it will not only be a good religious movie, but also a good examination of what happens when mob mentality gets started from the seat of power. Citizens become mindless sheep, bending under oppressive forces, everyone is too scared to stand up and let their voice be heard…but enough about the current state of America, I was talking about a movie…

I think my favorite religious quote of the week came from a Simpsons rerun. Homer was throwing a bbq for Marge and said everyone had been invited. Homer sidetracked Flanders from appearing at the event by writing him a note. Cut to Ned on a train bound for Montana, reading: “Dude, meet me in Montana. XOXOXOX Jesus H Christ.”

PS: Mel Gibson’s father is a raving loon. He makes Pat Buchanan look like Jesse Jackson.

More to come.

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