I haven’t posted in a while because I’ve been busy rewriting. So that’s a good thing. I’m into the final three chapters of my rewrite, and then a lucky select few get the privilege (whether they like it or not) of reading through my draft and offering comments. And then, God willing, it will sell. This in between wedding planning, work, wrestling lessons (which hurt a LOT, fake my ass…) and other such things. I started reading a book called Kiss me Judas by William Christopher Baer, which has the same feel as my new book, although a bit hazier and druggier. It’s just nice to know that the style I’m using has been bought before. It’s important when publishing. Because if your book is truly unique and never before seen, you are either a genius ahead of your time, or in serious need of a rewrite. You can guess where the majority lies there.

I saw Monster. Good movie. I saw Mystic River. Great movie. I want to see City of God, In America, and Miracle.

I’m working on becoming webmaster for World Power Wrestling, so hopefully they will get me some material and I can get their site up and running. And maybe get a start as a writer… finally.


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