Well, Mel Gibson’s father might be a raving loon, but Mel may well be a genius. The Passion of the Christ is the most powerful experience I’ve ever had in a theater. And I’ve seen many a great film, I tell ye. I can’t describe how good it truly is on so many different levels. Suffice it to say that I understand a lot more about Jesus now than I did before I saw the movie. Truly brave, amazing, powerful, evocative filmmaking.

And I didn’t see any anti-Semitism. Which may be because I am not Jewish, so perhaps I’m not sensitive to those things. What I saw were frightened men in a position of power who didn’t want their authority challenged. One man who was brave enough to step forward for everyone else, when he knew nobody else would step forward for him.

Words fail me. I think you all know the story. Now go see the movie.

Busy busy weekend with many more busy weekends to come.

And more good news! LORD OF THE RINGS WON BEST PICTURE! Wheee! Message movies may be on the comeback trail!

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