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Full Length Plays

a/wake (Drama, 3M 3F)

Dierdra Bowers entered a coma shortly after giving birth to her daughter Mara. Now, eighteen years later, Dierdra is showing signs of life. Her husband Andrew and his new wife Adrian must reveal Dierdra’s existence to Mara and try to hold the family together in the wake of the explosive events that follow. (Winner, 2001 Christian H. Moe Playwriting Competition, Full Length)

Angel of Waters (Drama/Dark Comedy, 1M 1F)

Eddie, a young aspiring artist locked into corporate drudgery, is on the brink of self-destruction. He makes the mistake of falling in love with Haven Reed, a woman who is far ahead of him on the road to ruin. She’s anxious to nosedive their lives into the ground. Is Eddie a willing victim, or is he just looking for love in all the wrong places? A boy meets girl play with a twist: Sometimes love means mutually assured destruction.

One-Act Plays

Muriel’s Fourth Suicide (Tragedy, 1M 1F)

Neil and Muriel, a young couple, reflect on their long and turbulent relationship. Muriel’s depression has been a constant source of trouble, but now, with things seemingly on the mend, what is driving Muriel back into her darkness? (Honorable Mention, 2001 Christian H. Moe Playwriting Competition: One Act)

Fun with Living Corpses (Comedy, 2M 3F, 1 Cat Puppet)

Thornton Wilder’s Our Town provided a look at American life at the turn of the century, serving as a time capsule for the generations to come. Now, the descendants of Grover’s Corners are all grown up, living in Los Angeles, and falling apart at the seams under their neuroses. Will a visit to Dr. Sanders help things? Will the arrival of a familiar stranger bring these folk back to simplicity? Bearing some of the friendliness and hardly any of the sentimentality of Wilder’s play, Fun with Living Corpses shows us that even in America, there may be room for a struggling lesbian performance artist, a mute with a cat puppet, a psychotic psychotherapist, a nymphomaniac, and a seemingly omnipotent being to coexist.

Foul Territory (Comedy, 2M 1F)

1986. All Roman Cambridge wanted was to catch a homerun ball in a sport he despised to satisfy the bizarre requirements of his recently deceased father’s will. All he got was the Blue Menace, an obsessive Mets fan who managed to outpace Roman’s assistant Jacqueline to retrieve the ball. Corporate intrusion meets rabid fanaticism, and a mousy woman is caught in the middle, trying to discover her inner strength.

Magic in the Seventh Inning Stretch(Comedy, 2M 1F)

It’s the seventh inning stretch at Yankee Stadium and Bobby Valentino is giving his girlfriend the cheesy proposal of a lifetime with the help of his trusty hot dog vendor friend Hog. However, Hog may not be the friend Bobby thinks he is. Every game has to have a winner and a loser, and sometimes, people don’t play by the rules. (Finalist, 2000 Actor’s Theatre of Louisville National Ten-Minute Play Competition)

Holding Patterns (Comedy, 2M 2F)

Also available as a short film script: There’s nothing worse than being stuck on hold. Especially if you’re on the verge of setting off a bomb. Or plotting a murder. Or looking for a friend. See what happens when a psychotic cublicle worker, a homicidal maniac, and a drug addicted space cadet are at the mercy of an overworked, underpaid, apathetic phone operator.

Short Film Scripts

Homeless Romantics (Comedy, 2M 1F, extras)

Cactus, a homeless man, is sent on an impossible mission by the Elegant Ms. Tangle, the object of his desire. He has less than a day to procure several objects to prove his love, and no money or friends to help him. He must brave the police, shopkeepers, and angry citizens to prove his love.

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