Well, it’s certainly been a fun ride this fall.

Those who know me know that for the past 13 years, I’ve suffered the affliction of being a Cincinnati Bengals fan. (And the few years before that were just… okay. Winning the Super Bowl isn’t everything…right? I HATE YOU, JOE MONTANA!)



I’m a bit depressed, as it looks like the Bengals will need a small miracle to make the playoffs. They have to beat the Browns. That part is easy. But then they need the Steelers to beat the Ravens.

Oh the humanity.

I’m really tired. I actually spent about seven hours working on a book today, and I’m really making progress. You’ll see an excerpt up soon enough. And then, I’m going to try to focus on marketing what I have, finishing a screenplay, and perhaps winning the lottery.

I need a break.

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