I always wonder how someone becomes a “blog of note” on Blogger.com. I can’t even make the list of ten most recently published blogs. I always try, just to see myself on the list… but no. Tragedy, I tell you. I’m finishing up a play that I should have finished a long time ago, and getting ready to assault agents etc. with my monkey goodness. They will eat of it and be pleased.

If you read that in a Chuck Heston-y voice, it’s a lot funnier. Well, marginally funnier.



Things are looking up around here. The weather’s getting warmer, my friends are moving nearer, and my fiancee gets to visit me soon! I’m expanding my horizons, renewing my faith, buying new pants, and generally enjoying life (in the three spare minutes a week I get).

God willing, this summer will kick off some huge changes around here… I won’t say too much, but I’ll publish later depending on my success or failure. Or should I say lack of success? I’ll save “Failure” for when I’m bitter, 80 years old, walking around and telling the kids how good they’ve got it and they just don’t realize… wait. I do that now. Except I’m not 80.

You kids have no idea how good you’ve got it…

That’s right, I’m talking to you.

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