I’ve been hard at work on a few projects – some short stories and non-fiction pieces you’ll read about on Facebook when they go live, but I’m thrilled to announce the BIG new project: LARKSPUR UNDERGROUND!

I’ve been looking to get into audio drama, whether that was through recording my books or stories or launching something totally original. At the end of last year, DIRGE MAGAZINE launched a contest to add serialized fiction to their site. I sent in a story that was done in mixed media – podcast transcripts, blog posts, news journals, telling the story of a woman who survived a brutal serial killer.  They liked it enough that rather than serializing it, offered to launch it as an actual podcast.

Ultimately, they shifted directions and the project came back to me. Having Jinx Strange and Renee Pickup speak so highly of the project told me I was on to something good, so I’ve been hard at work ever since with a team of talents actors and one very kick-ass musician.

I’m the Producer, editor, writer, director, and whatever-needs-to-be-done for LARKSPUR UNDERGROUND.

The short synopsis:

In late January of 2014, the Colorado Sheriff’s Department investigated a call of a strange odor coming from a remote ranching compound outside of the tiny town of Larkspur, Colorado. Upon investigating, they uncovered a fallout shelter that had been converted into a brutal torture and murder facility. Over a dozen victims were found at the scene in various states of decay. While finishing the first day of investigations, one of the deputies was cataloging evidence near a body that was chained to a radiator. To his shock, the woman was still alive.

She became known as Jane Doe, the Larkspur Lady, the only survivor of what had been a two-year spree of murder and carnage by a man known only as The Scientist. After recovering in the hospital, she began to work with authorities to help them uncover as much about these crimes as possible in the hopes of bringing the Scientist to justice. Things took a strange turn when it was revealed that she had not only been his victim, but also an accomplice in several of the murders. She was quickly tried and convicted of manslaughter for her role in the crime.

Since that day, the Colorado Innocence Coalition has been working to free her. Podcast host Tara Bay has been with the Coalition since they took on the case. She is a tireless advocate for Jane Doe, seeing her as a woman who was suffering from Stockholm Syndrome, an unwitting pawn in the hands of a madman. After months of work from a dedicated team of attorneys, Jane Doe won a new day in court. Her conviction will be overturned soon.

In conjunction with Plainview Public Radio, Tara Bay has created the show Larkspur Underground to present the life of Jane Doe. The media has had plenty to say about the presumed guilt or innocence of Jane Doe. Tara Bay has been there almost since the beginning, and is using her exclusive access to bring you the full story so that you can decide for yourself.

Go to the podcasts’s home page, where you can enter the world of the story, subscribe to listen on your favorite podcatcher, or interact with host Tara Bay via Twitter.

I’ve got a lot of big things planned for the podcast, and YOU can help! Subscribe so you don’t miss and episode, and if you like the show, leave us a review and some stars on iTunes (preferably five!). In the next few months, I’m going to try to launch a kickstarter with some cool perks to keep the lights on in the home studio and grow even more projects for your ears. That’s a whole separate blog post about the creation of the new studio: Radio Lost Angeles. One thing at a time though. For now, go, listen, enjoy!


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