Sure, but can they sing?

With the Super Bowl fast approaching and a shot for the Bears bring back the ol’ magic, I’ve been remembering the greatness that was the Super Bowl Shuffle. You know, the 80s brought us many great things. The greatest of them all would be the music collaboration for a cause/ You know, Live Aid, Band Aid, Hands Across America, etc. The Bears started something much more insidious: athletes singing for worthy causes. I give you first the prime example:the classic Super Bowl Shuffle.

All I can say is, hey Maury Buford (the punter, number 8) – MORE COWBELL!

Then, there’s New England’s response (never before and never since has the victim of a horrendous football beatdown brought us such a snappy rejoinder.)

What can you say about this Patriotic trainwreck? From the lousy lyrics that pretty much confirm the singers are the only ones who thought the Pats had a shot to the hair and the clothes… Let’s not leave out the ending. The song completely runs out of steam two minutes in. The singers give up, say “screw this, loop the chorus for three more minutes, we’re outta here”, and then we’re treated to some off-tempo witty one liners from “famous” Boston figures.

Oh, but the train keeps on rollin’. The Los Angeles Showtime Lakers decided it was time to be moral and recorded their own anti-drug rap. The Lakers are looking somewhat less than manly in their short shorts and wraparound shades. But check out Rambis rapping!

Then, the 1986 Raiders tried to capitalize on the football rap craze, and brought us something cutting edge: rap/rock hybrid “Silver and Black Attack”. Yes, LA was always ahead of its time. Plus, you can listen to Howie Long rapping about sitting on Running Backs.

And the final entry, which may have never had a music video, from the powerhouse dynasty of the 80s, the San Francisco 49ers. What could such a dominant franchise say about themselves to strike fear into the hearts of opponents? Apparently, they just wanted to remind the city they had a franchise. here’s “We’re the 49ers“.

I’m hard pressed to find anything more embarrassing…so I’ll leave you with another positive message from the 80s: Be Somebody. Or Be Somebody’s Fool. After all, Everbody gotta wear clothes. If you don’t, you’ll get arrested.

I love the 80s!

2 thoughts on “Sure, but can they sing?”

  1. Those Rap Jams were pretty the hotness.

    I didn’t remember the Superbowl Shuffle being so long; Sweetness stole the show, too bad they shot their wad right away.

    There was something creep about watching Mr. T watching Xena and Zena dance in front of those colorey backgrounds. I bet he beat up Jeff after the video.

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