We all get bombarded with these stupid spam emails, “v!agra cheapmeds!”, “Extend her pleasure”,etc. Today, this one caught my eye as I was about to throw it away. A poem!
I was intrigued. Usually spam is so cold and impersonal…how did they know I like to write bad poetry? Were they trying to appeal to me as a kindred spirit? I took the advice of the poem to heart, and from now on, when it comes to my wife, I will “know her from the s pza ex ivp u pvz.”

I give you the amazing potery of Earlene Hurd:

“Please Her Tonite”

M- men always would like, that at them all was more, than at others

E- enlarge your manhood today and reap all the benefits

G- guys get jealous now when they see me in the bathroom

A- and now make a real step to this – buy our means for increase of the m pvz em jo be rt r

D- do not let ladies prefer dildo to you!

I- if the man speaks you, that to him all the same with what at him the si apj ze of the me kib m fqm b glz er – he dissembles

K- know her from the s pza ex ivp u pvz al side how is she i oh nsi xl de exactly.

Breathtaking, isn’t it?

3 thoughts on “Spam/Poetry”

  1. haha nice… I actually have a folder to save strange spam, here’s one of my favorites:
    chastity myth termite pontific.
    rustproof bluegrass armpit.
    mud altimeter bypass counterproposal confabulate. downwind substitution heigh ritter fugue.
    wander uruguay dahlia courtier. awoke meteoritic nodal?
    barnyard boule cornell gertrude hercules.

  2. That reminds me. I used to see how terrible a poem I could write and get to say they will “publish” it. I’m going to go enter this one.

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