Man, I’m great at this blog thing…

I’ve looked on a lot of blogs I like, and I’ve noticed a disturbingly familiar pattern…the user posts about how they vow to post more often and then follow up with posts about how they’ve failed to post more often. I’ll try to get out of that habit. Here’s what I’m working on now. My latest novel is churning along nicely, I’m putting out about 500-1,000 words a day. I figure to have it done by late January/early February and start getting reviews and critiques and stuff.

Ive got an article I need to shop around to magazines, and I’m about to start trying to put together an internet play over at the Cult with some people on the boards there. It will be a fun experiment in audio, and another project I shouldn’t commit myself to because I have so little time. I picked up a ton of new clients seemingly out of nowhere. Got some new sites ready to launch over the next couple of weeks, more designs to tweak as well.

I’ve also committed to an ultra-double secret Writer’s Group (a write a novel in a year thing), which I’m going to use to rewrite Hit and Run. We’ll have to wait and see what happens…

I hope you all had a great Christmas or other-denominational-end-of-the-year-family and/or loved-one gathering.

I will post again. Soon.

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