What next?

I am on a roll for finding odd things online as of late. First Yanni turns abusive, then Calista Flockhart admits to an eating disorder, and now… this.
I think this may be an example of product placement or brand extension gone too far.
There is a baseball player named Coco Crisp.
I kid you not.
No, he doesn’t follow Count Chocula in the lineup.

If he ever gets involved in a brawl, as he charges the mound, I think fans should shout “Barney! My Pebbles!”, to which the opposing pitcher could reply “Gotta run, Fred!” while leaping out of his uniform and running through the crowd in fruit-covered boxer shorts. Do you SEE what Saturday morning cartoons and advertising have done to my brain?
(Also, I realize this is a mixed cereal metaphor, with Flintstone being the spokesperson for Cocoa Pebbles, and not Cocoa Krispies – which is Coco the Monkey – but Coco doesn’t shout anything cool like Fred.)

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