He briefly resurfaces…

Wow. I can’t begin to describe how busy these past few weeks have been. But, they have involved playing with a chimp, so it’s all good. We went to the Poppy Festival in Lancaster, CA, where Ranger Rick was on the main stage with his Amazing Animals. Cody REALLY liked wearing my Bengals knit cap. He pulled it over his entire head and then proceeded to go nuts. Sable the chimp borrowed my wife’s shoes. We got some good shots for the website, and generally had fun. (including deep fried artichoke hearts, and Aleks finding a five dollar bill).

The new site for Amazing Animal Productions is really really close to being done, and I can’t wait to take it live. It’s going to be amazing. We’re off to another very busy couple of weeks, which will hopefully involve me getting to write again at some point.

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