Take a look to the left. This is, to me, the face of politics as it should be. A warrior poet. A passionate artist. A man of the people. And, to top it off, this guy’s got mad skillz. That’s right, skillz with a “z”. He’s Representative Major Owens, the Rappin’ Rep, and you can read all about him and catch his mad flow here.

We need more public officials like him. He cares about the people. He speaks the language of the people. He’s like an elected version of Chuck D, but instead of the hard edge, he looks like he could give you a hug. I can only imagine the fear and reprobation of tighty-whitey congress as Rep Majors is doing his thing at the mic.

And his rhymes are tight! It is poetry, true street poetry, and best of all, it’s forever inscribed in our congressional records. Keep up the good work! Fight the good fight!

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