Site update (really really) coming soon…

It’s been a long time in the works, but the site update is getting ready to roll out soon. Which means there WILL be:
1. New excerpts to read from the books-in-waiting
2. Message boards (including the return of interactive Haiku – and this time it won’t go away)
3. More stories!
4. More fun!

Also coming soon… a new website all about how much the City of Los Angeles grows on you. And I don’t mean that in a positive way. More of a fungal infection type way. A photographic/journalistic exploration of the many ways this city is just plain… stupid. And not stupid in that Republican talk radio “Land of Fruits and Nuts” way. Because that California doesn’t really exist. This one is far more alluring, far more sinister, far more… I should write a book about it. A murder mystery book. But not a Dan Brown paint-by-numbers thriller kind of book. More of a repeated bad joke by proxy of layered bad analogy kind of book. (And you thought this wasn’t going anywhere…) Where was I?

5. Pretty colors on the new website.
6. Sadly, the boys at World Power Wrestling never kept me updated on their whereabouts, so I have released my dominion over You can still view my days of wrestling glory in the Lost Angeles section of the site, and I will present an archived version of the website as it was so you can think back on all of the days you spent watching Kid Omega, the Human Tornado, and El Genio. Or, you can look and ask yourself: who the Hell are Kid Omega, the Human Tornado, and El Genio? (Trust me, they all kick ass. Especially El Genio.)

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