How good was tonight?

I ate Cajun food. I helped my wife draft contracts for her photography business. Then I sat down and knocked out four and a half pages for my book! FOUR AND A HALF! In one sitting. I haven’t had a writing spell like this in quite some time. Aahhh. You know the wheels are turning right when you can get a stabbing, a romantic spat, a dead DemiGod and a resurrection in four and a half pages. I’m excited to reveal more about this latest book, but I’ll wait until I’m closer to a more complete draft.

Adam and I are rolling again on scripts. Things are moving in the right direction. Now it is late and I am bleary eyed and tired, waiting for iTunes to convert a few songs to me so I can put CDs away and clean up my desk.
And voila! It’s done.
Good night.

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