Bullying the bullies

Let me start by saying I detest Fox-News style dueling bloviator interviews where everyone talks over everyone else and nothing gets illuminated, discussed, or solved.
When one of these shows (Hannity & Colmes, no less) gives us a video clip of Ann Coulter taking a vicious beating when faced with the facts, I have to stand up and cheer. This is my favorite video of the week! I particularly love the part where she spins helplessly in her chair, crying out for the mighty Sean Hannity to come save her. I can only assume that Hannity enjoyed watching her suffer as much as anyone else.

It was so cool to see Fox cave in under two Liberal Democrats who were clearly laying out the beginnings of a plan for fixing the war situation and improving our security. I don’t know who the woman subbing for Alan Colmes was, but she needs to be his permanent replacement. Hannity was completely cowed by her…

Follow the link to absolute hilarity! (click on Windows Media or Quicktime links)

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