Oh, Bengals…my Bengals… another year lost, and we’re only five games in. Bears? Same deal. I have nothing to root for this season except Bret Favre going back to the playoffs.

My writing workshop with Max Barry is going great, and I’m getting a lot don eon my novel, hopefully have the first draft finished early next year. I haven’t had time to post here because Aleks has been busy shooting weddings, and I help! (Call me Shake n Bake). And, I’ve been doing massive database updates to and some cosmetic work on I just landed a couple of other cool site gigs that I’ll show off here soon, and if I could get a good digital color artist, I’d be well on the way to launching SurfMonkeyDesigns new look.

I’ll leave you with a baffling picture…The NFL managed to promote steroids and homoeroticism for the children of San Diego (not that there’s anything wrong with that…). I don’t know who designed this Chargers mascot outfit, but they’ve got issues…

(note – they’ve since revised the look so it’s a guy in a Chargers uniform with a “Mac Tonight” style giant wedge head. Not much improvement, but at least he’s clothed…)

PS – I have it on good authority that the only reason the Cubs bowed so gracefully out of the playoffs (and quickly) was to gear up for next season. After all, the drama and emotional payoff will be much higher now that it will have been exactly 100 years since their last World Series Championship. Good God.

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