What a month!

I’m somewhere in the neighborhood of 10,000 words away from finishing my novel. I hope. I need (for secret reasons) to make that happen this week, but I’ve been doing a good job of forging ahead.

Hence, my blog updates have become somewhat lax, but we’ll rectify that right now! Mostly, it’s been more of the same, bike rides, exercise (I found a new spot on my route with exercise stations so I can do pushups and dips during my ride, saving me lots of time!)

On my last ride, I took a new route up the LA river and saw a coyote!

My online Writer’s Group is getting fired up for another great year, so that’ll also be taking some time away from blogging, but that’s okay. My goal for the new year is to be more focused on writing and less on wasting time. I’m hoping to add some short stories here (or links to shorts) as well. All good things…

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