Walking for the Cure.

So, this weekend, Aleks and I took part in the Revlon Run/Walk for Breast Cancer. It was a grueling 5K trek… actually, it was a stroll through the streets of LA with thousands of other people. I walked in memory of my Grandma, who lost the battle. Hopefully the cure is moving closer.

It started with a gut-wrenchingly bad intro from Marcia Gay Harden and Felicity Huffman of Desperate Housewives. Well, Huffman was okay. But Marcia was giving some crunchy “close your eyes and send out positivity, good energy, moment of silence” nonsense. I can say this because I have two theater degrees, so I’ve lived through it, and it was just…bad. Then came a lot of moving survivor stories, followed by a great performance by Chaka Khan! That’s right, she’s still alive!
(PS – whoever hired that annoying radio/TV guy with the grey hair, bad Oakleys, and annoying patter, please remember – we’d rather walk in silence)

Soon enough, we were lined up at the start. Some confetti cannons erupted, giving the atmosphere of the end of a KISS concert, or a political convention, or… something. It was enough to make people slow down from their already painful pace, so the beginning of the walk was more of a shuffle. About 1 mile in, we noticed a large contingent of people pulling off at an amazing church on the corner of … well, we didn’t get the address, but it was an amazing church.

Best moment of the walk for me, other than walking into the Olympic Coliseum and seeing the torch lit up. I knew that if I was ten years younger and it was twenty-odd years ago, and I was some sort of athlete who was good enough to qualify, and the crowd was larger, and the Bangles weren’t playing on the field, this would be exactly what being an Olympian would feel like. I did get a gold medal for finishing first, though. Don’t believe any of the other 50,000 people who show your THEIR medals. Mine is the only true one.

Speaking of the Bangles, they were pretty good. Older, paler, and slightly out of tune on some songs, but still rockin’. They were followed by some local band who stumbled out of the gate with a bad cover of “Hey Ya!” but recovered nicely with some Motown covers and disco.

We followed this by arriving late to our Marriage Encounter Weekend reunion weekend, but still scarfed down some cookies and caught up with everybody. If you’re married, I cannot recommend Worldwide Marriage Encounter highly enough. Whether you’re happy as clams, bitter as Elizabeth Taylor and whoever, this weekend is nothing but good for your marriage. ATTEND AND BE HAPPY!

In other news…
One more day in the weekend to go and lots more to do. amazinganimalproductions.com is fully active now, awaiting some minor tweaks and some additional photos. Go check it out! I’m proud of my work. I have a couple of actor websites about to post as well. If you know someone that wants an economical and pretty website, point them my way…

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