The War on Christmas…

Someone explain this to me:

Yes, you too can own this fine piece of fashion, available from
Even Santa is in the fight for Freedom. And wearing this shirt is sure to entertain youngsters of all sizes, as they now envision Santa kicking their door in, wearing special red Kevlar BDUs, his H&K assault rifle laser-sighted on their little foreheads to make damn sure they’re snuggled tight in their beds. No peeking this year, kids, or Santa’s gonna slay you.

Freedom isn’t Free, as Trey Parker sang in Team America: World Police.

But Peace? it is pretty. Beautiful in fact. And we can get there by killing each other, or by doing as Jesus, Ghandi, Rev. King, the Pope, Mohammed, and pretty much all other Christian and religious leaders would say: but I’ll let you read those books on your own. Or, if you’re a true-Red Neo-Con, you should already know the words by heart. (They’re the ones you skip over when you’re looking for passages to justify war and discrimination)

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