The sun still rises, even if we have to fake it.

We fake everything in LA.

We fake everything in LA.

Yesterday when I went for my morning jog with my crazy dog Ollie, we had to pause to look at some construction up on the hill. They were fixing something, shoring up the shoulder on the road, but from my skewed perspective, it looked like they were faking the sunrise. Typical Hollywood, right?

It made me think about the bombings in Boston, and all of the violence that has followed, and the months and years of violence it may lead to at home and abroad. It’ll get better if we keep working on it. The sun has risen over the best and worst days the earth has had. It’ll continue to do so. It’s been a bad week, and the world has had a lot of those. We get a chance to start fresh tomorrow, and the tomorrow after that, and so on. We can make the sun shine anywhere, even if we have to fake it for a while.

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