What’s the latest? School’s out! My mission this summer: Finish at least two screenplays an a spec script, and possibly one more book. I have a couple of follow up ideas for my other books, so we’ll see where things go. I’ve been savin gup money, and combined with webwork over the summer, I’ll have all my time free to write write write (and sneak a couple of Halo and Call of Duty games in). But writing is first and foremost this summer,. I ahven’t had an opportunity like this since grad school, and I’m not going to blow it. June 30th is the announce date for the Machine of Death contest, keep your fingers crossed for me. Print would be good, online would be fine, I just want to start getting my stuff out there.

I’ll be trying to keep a very structured calendar of days, so some mornings will be for finding contests andagents to query, and the rest of the time will be writing. And, as I seem to be on a video posting kick, here’s a super-entertaining teaser/trailer for an indie movie based on NES Punch-Out!!! This is great stuff from Team Awesome! You might not truly appreciate it if you haven’t played the game, as I did for most of my Junior High life. Ah, NES, we hardly knew ye. 8-bit will always trump 3D on the console of my heart…

2 thoughts on “Summertime…”

  1. “Halo and Call of Duty”

    Ahem, better go easy on those. It’s writing-time-summer, not play-video- games-summer!

    I guess this means it’ll be edit-time-summer for me! I can’t wait.

    Love you!

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