So many things.

This is just a brief “What’s Happening” post to let you know some cool things:

1. I am running my third half-marathon next Sunday in San Diego
2. I am starting a 15-day (hopefully) juice fast the next day.
4. Holy crap!
5. Yeaaaaah!
6. So anyway, now there’s lots to do. I’m strategizing readings, interviews, Twitter things, a new, separate website for the book, all kinds of things. Writing a book is hard, selling a book is harder, marketing the book is harderer. Still, you will ALL very soon have a copy of my book in your hands. By year’s end if I can make it happen. I’m narrowing down cover artists (which will be a very exciting prospect if all goes well) and readying the word cannons (which is what I call my hands). You’ve been warned!

2 thoughts on “So many things.”

  1. you should have a reading in columbus. and afterwards or beforewards the three of us (me and my two men) would take you and your lovely wife to dinner and maybe to somewhere with INFLATABLES!! you have a book coming out, you need to bounce!

  2. Indeed, I have plans to roam the land with the book. It will be the most sporadic, drawn-out book tour ever, but I’d love to hit smaller towns where I know people while I’m near big towns. Bouncey castles would be a must. Perhaps that could double as a reading location…

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