Long commutes and Interesting things…

I had to meet with a potential client in Thousand Oaks this morning. I live by LAX, so this was a 55 mile commute on the motorcycle in what should have been no traffic (north of the 10). Instead, there were three accidents on the 101, and none of these jerks knew how to properly stay in the middle of their lanes so that I could split lanes. Still made it on time.

I met a bird, a parakeet of some sort, and then sorted through a box of assorted animal bones, and then I held a cured and dried bull’s penis. A bundle of them, actually. It was one of THOSE mornings.

Then I had to stop at Borders to pay a bill via WiFi because I almost forgot it was due today.

This is me in my safety orange gear, because I am a Power Ranger.

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