Big Sports Weekend Thing

So much happening this weekend. Anybody that knows me knows I’ve been a Cincinnati Bengals fan since waaaaaay back in ’88. I jokingly made a post in week 3 of this season that their 2-1 record meant they’d be playoff bound, and well…wow. Who knew?

I’m nervous, because they played so magnificently in the early part of the season, and in the stretch run have shown that they’re heading back to typical “Bungles” form. I think they have a strong chance of getting past round 1, but I don’t think they match up with either the Chargers or the Colts very well. But man, one playoff win would feel so good. It’s been too long.

In other sports news, Urijah Faber returns to the WEC cage this weekend to face Raphael Assuncao. After barely losing to Mike Thomas Brown (going the distance with TWO broken hands, mind), Faber is hoping to tune up here to earn a shot at new champion Jose Aldo. Aldo’s a beast (if such a term can be used in the featherweight division), but Faber’s resilient and relentless, so that matchup would be non-stop entertainment. In the main event, I expect Ben Henderson to beat Jamie Varner to unify the lightweight title in what could be a classic showdown.

I leave you with highlights of the Lord of MMA, Fedor Emilianenko. Whether you’re two feet taller than him, twice his weight, or twice as ripped, he will find a way into your mind, and smash you.

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