My body has returned to Los Angeles, but my consciousness is somewhere over the Atlantic, racing homewards, trying to hold on to Poland, but unable to stay in that great country. So much to do, so little time. But here are some things I plan to write about in the coming weeks:

The Hunger Games Trilogy: It’s amazing how much reading you can get in when everyone else in the room is speaking Polish. This series has as many merits as it does problems. I can see why people have tried to attach the “Battle Royale did it first” tag to the books, but they are pretty vastly different. For al of its merits, I can’t get over a few very simple, very repetitive flaws… more on that later.

Poland: I’ll probably spend the next month or two dissecting the whole trip, from photo shoots with models to historical sites to cultural differences, landscapes, graffiti, you name it. There is much to discuss and many pictures to be shown.

MMA: Steroid scandals, weird matchmaking, circus sideshows…the more it changes, the more it stays the same. I’m going to try to do something sportsy once a month or so on here.

Photo apps: I started using AutoStitch on this trip, had some fun taking in big landscapes and buildings and things. I need to edit them and make them presentable, but why not see how Blogger handles them in the meantime? I hope you can enlarge/zoom and see all the sights.

Sleep: Not writing about it, just going to go do it. I’ll regale you all soon enough with my whimsical adventures…

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