I am published in a small and happy way

Well, at least this time, I’ve actually been overwhelmed and busy as usual, only to RETURN WITH GOOD NEWS! My short story “Ashes to Ashes” was selected for the first issue of the Colored Chalk webzine. It’s a project branching out of a writer’s group I was fortunate enough to join last year. We’re constantly motivating and eviscerating each other, it’s a grand time!

It’s now available online and wherever we can sneak in printed copies. In fact, YOU can print copies out and pass them out to your friends! What are you waiting for? It’s a great collection of stories with the theme “2 Guys Enter a Bar…” and the stories go in some unexpected directions. Try it, you’ll like it! And God willing, this will be the first of many posts like this alerting you to where I’ve been published!

Click the Banner to let the fun begin! And if you’re feeling writerly, submissions are OPEN for issue 2: Cockroaches Ate the Ending…

2 thoughts on “I am published in a small and happy way”

  1. Nice work. I was going to comment earlier, but I was too lazy to read your story. It’s very long for someone like me. Still, I enjoyed it. If I get this killer job at Kinko’s I’m working on I’ll print a cock-load of the booklet and distribute them hither and tither.

    As an expert Kinko’s printer I’d recommend future print-it-yourself versions not be full bleed; that is, leave a 3/8″ white border or so around all pages, otherwise there’s no way it will come out how you intend. Please don’t donate to my papal account; my design consulting services are free.

  2. Yay! Nice job! I think I’ll print some out for Christmas presents. Expect yours in December…

    Looking forward to the next Mike-is-published event!

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