Happy New Year everybody!

Except for you, juicy fruiter. Yes, I have had several comments posted to my various blogs by the mysterious Juicyfruiter, an idiotic viral marketing scheme from the folks at Wrigleys. They tell me they like my blog, then they tell me to see theirs, where they talk about their job as a park ranger.


Look at the rage you’ve brought me in this new year!

On a side note, here are the movies I’ve seen lately without reviewing (something I need to catch up on):
King Kong
The Corpse Bride
Harvey Krumpet
Star Wars Episode III
Comic Book: The Movie
Batman Begins
Napoleon Dynamite

the list goes on…

I also need to post reviews for the following on my music blog:
Over the Rhine
Johnny Cash
Aimee Mann
Erin McKeown
The Blind Boys of Alabama (GET THEIR STUFF NOW!)
Solomon Burke
Mazzy Star
Willie Nelson

They all keep me writing… I tell you there are not enough hours in the day. We got the pictures back from my Saturn in the junkyard, so there will be a new Lost Angeles story soon about the theft and death of my car.

You know, I was going to end with a joke here by posting a photo of some horrific event + one evil political pundit (Ann Coulter), then balance it with a heroic soldier and a puppy, then, for fun, add a pic of Mr. T. But it’s late and I’m tired, and I discovered that there is a disturbing cottage industry online of people who like to photoshop Ms. Coulter into sexy Nazi photos.
I mean, I hate her and everything she stands for, but methinks some libs out there have some repressed lust/Eva Braun fantasies.
I’m not crazy… look, a two second google search can give you things like these:

There are nude-ier versions, and less nude. And some with green skin. I think people really like to photoshop her. I mean, they manipulate her image like Ann Coulter manipulates facts to… ahh, screw it. Happy New Year!

One thought on “Happy New Year everybody!”

  1. I’ve really gotten sick of this trend of equating the evil of the Nazi’s/the Jewish Holocaust to anything that annoys anyone these days. It was kinda funny back when Seinfeld called the poor guy the “Soup Nazi”, but it should’ve stopped there. But what takes the cake with those t-shirts is that they make Ann Coulter look 10 times sexier than she actually is. Maybe it’s these mocked-up visions of “Frau Coulter” dancing through their heads that’s made our fellow libs so weak-kneed and mealy-mouthed of late. Yeesch! When will the comedians and cartoonists finally gonna start running for office so some people with brains and cojones/huevos finally get things into shape again? Yeah, maybe they all smoked weed in college or last Saturday, but maybe that’s why we’ve got a bunch of namby-pamby dickheads running things now. Anyhow, here endeth the rant. Thanks for sharing. Cool blog.

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