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Well, it turns out the Shufflin’ Crew from my previous post has been yanked from YouTube for soemthing called “copyright infringement”. Anybody ever heard of this? I thought everything was fair game on the internets! What good are these giant tubes if we can’t see or listen to whatever we want, whenever, free?

To make up for it, I give you the hard rockin’ Fabulous Freebirds from the 80s. You’ve got Michael PS Hayes singin’ and dancin’, backed up by Dirty Dick Murdoch and Terry Bam Bam Gordy. This was Rock n’ Wrestling at its best. Actually, the song stands up pretty well. The visuals? Not so much…

In case Hayes’ twitchy, meth addict-like delivery is hard to comprehend, I give you the lyrics (courtesy of the internet, cuz I can’t understand him either).

Badstreet USA by Michael P.S. Hayes
I want to tell you a story
about a place you don’t wanna be.
This ain’t no home sweet home,
it’s a home sweet misery.
We knew when we got here
they’d try to put us away.
But when they seen us walk down
the street they ran the other way.

Badstreet, Atlanta, GA
Baddest street in the whole USA
Badstreet nasty and hot
The further down the block you went, the badder it got.

Street is a jumping,
tonight there’ll be a brawl.
Old Lady McDuffie she done
give the cops a call.
She might as well call the Army or
the United States Marines,
’cause can’t nobody handle this
Badstreet scene.


17 punks came calling and
they thought that they were hot.
They thought that they were nasty
and could make it down on our block.
But I’ll never forget hearing that
ambulance driver say,
“Someone should have told those
boys ’bout Badstreet USA.”

So don’t you come looking.
on this side of town.
‘Cause this is where the Freebirds
live and everything’s going down.
If you don’t know by now,
we always get our way.
That’s the way it is down
here on Badstreet USA.


We live in the last house on the right.
Badstreet baby, anytime!

Wrestling was the shiznit back in the day.

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