Charactered Pieces by Caleb J Ross

A fantastic collection of short stories from up-and-coming author Caleb J Ross. He’s been all over the place lately (even HERE with a guest blog! Is he man or is he machine?)

The table of contents is presented as a faceted gem, which is highly fitting, for each story presents a different facet of human nature. The stories are at times uplifting and insightful, but more often haunting and heartbreaking. A fantastic collection that’s over far too quickly. It’s difficult to describe the level of melancholy and depth of noble sorrow Caleb imbues in his characters. Most of them aren’t people you’d have in your circle of friends, but he gives them quiet dignity on a level that makes you NEED to know them for the all-too-brief duration of each story. These flawed characters aren’t trying to overcome their imperfections, but rather coming to accept them and shape their lives around them. The non-fiction piece “A Chinese Gemini” was my favorite, particularly because of the way it blends so neatly into the collection. The honesty of the tale merely strengthens Caleb’s voice in the surrounding story collection.

Worth the read! Be sure to check out the links on Caleb’s blog post and buy the book!

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