Caleb J. Ross, Author and Guest blogger!

This is a guest post from Caleb J Ross, author of the chapbook Charactered Pieces: stories, as a follow up to his Blog Orgy Tour. Visit his website for a full list of blog stops. Charactered Pieces: stories is currently available from OW Press (or Visit him at

Why have a blog?
Sadly, the personal blog is a reflection of our culture’s growing egotism. And I say this, fully embracing the fact that I have the most badass, awesome, blog on the netz, muthafuckas! NOTE: see how off-putting blatant egotism can be. But is egotism (on a more subtle level than the previous sentence, of course) becoming a necessary human element, not just in commercial promotion (as this post, somewhat sadly, is) but also self-promotion and self-representation? Good question, Caleb. You’re damn right it’s a good question; I’m the most badass questioner around!
I say, yes, it is necessary. Why? First, ask “why are we so self-congratulating these days?” The simple answer: the internet has given all of us a voice. It’s a cliché statement, sure, but one still applicable. And it takes an online presence to validate oneself among the deafening voices. This is not to say that every voice is worth hearing; this is not a lofty notion. More to that point, to imagine that everyone in the world cares how badass our lives are, is an insane notion. Meaning: the internet should be treated like a glass toilet. It can be used for reflection, but don’t fill it with shit and expect company to be impressed.
And if you still feel awkward, get someone else to guest post on your behalf. I recommend this guy.
Personally, I consider a blog to be a repository of information about the blogger, existing should anyone care to read. I only push the content when I have something to sell. Which reminds me: buy my fiction collection, Charactered Pieces, called by me “the most ass-kicking collection of paper since a box of origami ninjas.”

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