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And yea, the seventh seal was broken…



Good God, I’ll be eating crow for this post by the end of January, I just know it. Or maybe… just maybe…A guarantee:
Here’s my guarantee. My promise, and if I’m wrong, I’ll vote Republican in ’06.
Super Bowl*. GUARANTEE, take it to the bank.

I don’t even have to post screen captures of the division standings. Because the Division champs are here!

* – guarantee only implies that there will be a game played in 2006 called The Super Bowl.

From the "Because They Hate Our Freedom" files…

Why is there so much Anti-American sentiment overseas and in the Middle East? Why do the terrorists hate us? Is it for our freedom? Or could it be for the way that they view our treatment of their countries? Might it have something to do with our attitudes towards how we treat POWs?

Yes, good ol’ Rush Limbaugh started this particular craze, and it’s moved on to other Neo-Con sites as well. There are points to be made:
1. Enemy combatants are, in my view, bad. I know they’d sooner see us dead than anything else. I know we have medics kind enough to treat them even after they’ve injured themselves in the course of trying to kill our soldiers. So, yes. Bad men (and now women) deserve to be locked away and punished. (Please note that punishment is not equal to torture – a debate for another day)
2. Why does our Red Media get so upset when they discover Middle Eastern vendors selling merchandise that celebrates Osama bin Laden or 9/11?
3. We should be taking the high road! We should raise the bar. We should treat our prisoners better than their own countries do (see WWII for an example). We should find positive ways to rally around the troops, something other than invoking cultural hatred and misunderstanding. And for God’s sake, something other than an endorsement for a shady interrogation camp that’s in possible violation of several codes of conduct.

We can win the war. We will win the war. How we do it will set the stage for future generations. If done properly, it could be the last time in a long time that something like this will have to happen. If done in a ham-handed, unilateral, self-serving manner, then the war may only be a prelude to future disaster.

The War on Christmas…

Someone explain this to me:

Yes, you too can own this fine piece of fashion, available from
Even Santa is in the fight for Freedom. And wearing this shirt is sure to entertain youngsters of all sizes, as they now envision Santa kicking their door in, wearing special red Kevlar BDUs, his H&K assault rifle laser-sighted on their little foreheads to make damn sure they’re snuggled tight in their beds. No peeking this year, kids, or Santa’s gonna slay you.

Freedom isn’t Free, as Trey Parker sang in Team America: World Police.

But Peace? it is pretty. Beautiful in fact. And we can get there by killing each other, or by doing as Jesus, Ghandi, Rev. King, the Pope, Mohammed, and pretty much all other Christian and religious leaders would say: but I’ll let you read those books on your own. Or, if you’re a true-Red Neo-Con, you should already know the words by heart. (They’re the ones you skip over when you’re looking for passages to justify war and discrimination)

I was so wrong…

So earlier in the blog, I implied that week 10 would take a turn for the worse for my Bengals. Things didn’t get worse exactly, but I didn’t want to post anything in week 10, because we were on the bubble… so now, safely following week 12, I can say this:
I feel like a kid again. Or an eighth grader at least. Witness:

Number one with a bullet. PLAYOFF BOUND (I hope.) Finally, a reason to watch football in January.