Here is a list of writing prompts to keep you occupied while I’m in the process of moving:

1. You’re trapped on a desert island and your pants are on fire.
2. Okay, this isn’t going to be one of those lists, really. I’m in the middle of moving to a newer, larger, cheaper apartment, so this is about all of the energy you get out of me today. But here’s the good news: in the next couple of weeks, I’ll be settled in (hopefully) and churning out lots more good stuff for you. There’s a new novel in the works, and a screenplay, and lots of stuff.
3. Robert Blake was found innocent today. You want a writing prompt? Try captioning this photo.

4. Someday I will be in a position to be consistently, spontaneously witty. I have made some very good jokes at work lately, to some very unappreciative audiences. So why do I bother telling them?
5. In a strange way, these are writing prompts after all. Except this last one. There’s nothing you can do to make it a writing prompt. Oops, wait. There is now.

2 thoughts on “”

  1. Writing:

    1. I was telling the truth this time!

    2. I need a list though.

    3. Above: Robert Blake

    4. Because you can’t help it.

    5. There’s nothing I can do to make this into writing. Um…. oops redux.

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