The Ol’ Hurry Up and Wait…

Last summer I was all set to begin work filming a short script I wrote, and for reasons too various to mention, the project kept getting pushed off, pushed back, ignored…I canceled a trip to Oregon in hopes of getting it done, but it was not meant to be. The good news is that my filming partner is doing some camera shopping for a different project, but it’s going to open up possibilities of making more stuff, and it also means I need to give that script a good dusting off and a rewrite. We’re setting April as our filming target, we have actors, a location, a script (well…by Sunday or so we’ll have a script) and then we’re gonna start storyboarding and getting things done!

Hopefully it’ll make the rounds in some short film festivals, or at the very least you’ll find it on YouTube and the like. There’s a lot of stuff I’d like to write for film projects, so stay tuned! The Untitled Ten Minute Film Thing is gonna happen in 2010!

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