Super Blah

How awful was that game tonight? Just mistake after mistake. The two conference championship games were marvels to behold. Stunning contests of will, tenacity, who would score last, or in the case of the Bears/Saints game, could Grossman pull his head out long enough to get the win the D was working so hard to achieve?
The SuperBowl, in contrast, was a game ruled by miscues, soft D from the Bears, and a single player destroying his team’s chances. I’m a Bengals fan first and foremost, but in the NFC, I likes me some Bears. Grossman’s gotta go. Now. Don’t even wait until after the ProBowl. Make a move, bench him and bring in a journeyman with some skills (Jeff Garcia, anyone?). The Bears deserved better that waht they showed tonight. They were almost as bad as the shameless self-promoting Timberlake ripoff that Rex Grossman features on his website.
RexyBack – try not to puke while listening…
Bad, bad, bad.

And what was up with the commercials? Awful, unfunny, and pretty morbid. An old man in a heart costume gets his ass kicked by a bunch of leather-wearing thugs? Office people survive in the jungle and get humiliated? A poor car-making robot is driven to suicide after dropping a screw on the assembly line?

My favorite part of the evening was Prince’s “Austin Powers” innspired Penis puppet shadow show! Enjoy – who knows how long until YouTube blocks it?

I’m unimpressed. I’m unhappy.
But I DID discover that God favors the Colts. He hates the Bears, man. I guess he’s making them repent for the sin of pride (from 1986) by foisting Grossman upon them. Dungy, Manning, the owner of the Colts, everyone made it clear. The only thing God had on his mind tonight was a ring for the Colts. Hey, you know when God gets involved in the game? When Ditka calls his number, that’s when! Otherwise, he’s got other things to do.

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