Odd comic costume choices…

So, here’s something that’s always bothered me. Comic book heroes and villains with really strange choices in attire. I’m talking about things beyond Superman’s underwear on the outside of his pants, or Hulk’s ultra stretchy pants. Let’s look deeper, shall we?

Pitt. I remember him briefly from the tail end of my comic collecting days. He was some kind of Hulk clone from outer space who made friends with a little kid. Beyond that, I don’t remember much. So here’s my question: chains, I understand. Pants, well, you gotta have pants. Vest… vest?! Why is Pitt wearing a vest? Is he a logger? How did he find this thing in his size?

Does it help protect him in a fight? Is he part of a grunge band? Also, the chains seem a bit of overkill, I think. One or two would be acceptable. But it’s crossing into S&M territory here.

I think this will be an ongoing series…

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