Music Monday – Amanda F. Palmer tweets to me…

I had my first brush with the power of Twitter today. Yes, in the past it has gotten me things like coffee discounts, and also informed me that Wil Wheaton has conversations with his dog. But TODAY, Amanda Palmer (of the Dresden Dolls and such) tweeted this photo:

Which, translated, means:
a woman without a belly is like heaven without any stars”

And I commented on it thusly:
they make the greatest nap pillows ever.”

And then I got this!

Amanda Fucking Palmer (that’s her legal middle name) tweeted me! And she’s marrying Neil Gaiman, who’s like, my favorite writer in forever! It’s like I’m the best man at their wedding now! Or, at the very least, the creepy guy in the tower across the street with high powered binoculars who’s saying “good on you, you two crazy lovebirds” as they exchange vows.

Have you ever been tweeted by the famous? Tell me all about it…

(and her new EvelynEvelyn project with the awesome Jason Webley – who was on one of my last Music Mondays –  is now on tour, so check them out when they’re in your town!)

I’d say all of this was worthy of doing a Music Monday on a Tuesday, wouldn’t you?

2 thoughts on “Music Monday – Amanda F. Palmer tweets to me…”

  1. Yes! I see we share the same LOVE! I follow both AFP and NG on Twitter and when there was a hiccup in the twitter stream (I was not receiving NG tweets) and questioned it, NG Tweeted me this:
    Well guess I cannot place a picture in here, but you can see it here:

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