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Lock up the kids! The dark powers are closing in! Here’s some quotes from children on Harry Potter, brought to you by Chick Publications, erstwhile publishers of Born-Again pamphlets that help to save the world. Here are some quotes they’ve compiled from kids who finished reading Harry Potter:

How does Harry Potter affect children? Here it is, in their own words:

“I want to go to wizard school and learn magic. I’d like to learn to use a wand to cast spells.” (Dylan, age 10)

If I could go to wizard school, I might be able to do spells and potions and fly a broomstick.” (Myra, age 12)

“It would be great to be a wizard because you could control situations and things like teachers.” (Jeffrey, age 11)

“I’d like to go to wizard school and learn magic and put spells on people. I’d make up an ugly spell and then it’s pay-back time.” (Catherine, age 9)

“I feel like I’m inside Harry’s world. If I went to wizard school I’d study everything: spells, counterspells, and defense against the dark arts.” (Carolyn, age 10)

“I liked it when the bad guys killed the unicorn and Voldemort drank its blood.” (July, age 13)

Stop and think: what will these children do when invited to visit an occult website, or even a local coven?

Now… I don’t know about you, but growing up, I never received a single invitation to visit my local coven. And I think, if you asked any devout child, Christian, Jewish or Other (as Rev. Lovejoy would say), they would all thrill at the prospect of having magic powers. It’s not because they’re evil. It’s because they’re KIDS! Kids like to imagine they can fly. They also, I’ve recently learned, like to imagine they can be ninjas, pirates, Curious George, or something called the “Booger Ghost”. And I don’t think anyone will go to hell for being the booger ghost.

Look at some of the quotes from the kids. One wants to create an ugly spell to get payback (if those words were actually spoken by her…). What does that say about her reaction to how her classmates are treating her? Couldn’t we have pamphlets that help teachers identify and prevent bullying? One of the children even wants to learn defense against the dark arts. And this is bad? You can read more about Harry’s evil rise here: http://www.chick.com/catalog/videos/0127.asp


You could read the Harry Potter books and see where goodness, friendship, bravery, and loyalty, ALWAYS rise to defeat grave evil. And let kids have full run of their imaginations while they’re young enough to corrupt their own brains. Sheesh. For an extra dose of WTF fun, click below. I’m all for saving souls, but this comic is creepy where it’s supposed to be wholesome and funny where it’s supposed to be creepy. I also found the ending to be a bit too “Cosby Show” for my tastes.


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