Bad News from Blogger…

Blogger (the software that powers this here thing) is stopping support of FTP blog publishing. What does that mean? I can no longer host this blog on my own web server. Not too happy about that. It means everything I post has to be hosted on Google’s servers (good for visibility, I suppose), and it also means I have to get creative with some custom domain naming.

The awful part is that I have several web clients whose sites I configured to use blogger to update their pages. I’m not sure how the new Blogger’s gonna work, but something tells me that’s all out the window now, so I’ll need to find some creative ways to keep things going. It won’t be a problem.

But I JUST redesigned this blog, and now I have to go figure out how to make it play nice with the new Blogger, and get things working the way they’re supposed to. There will be some new widgets on the sidebar though, so that will be cool, and I’ll probably get an easy-to-remember subdomain going, like

Stay tuned!

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