ANGEL FALLS makes the cut on’s Breakthrough Novel Award Competition!

I am tremendously excited today, because ANGEL FALLS has made the cut for Amazon’s Breakthrough NOvel Competition. The field has been narrowed down to 1,000 books (I know, I know…) but still! National contest! ME! The winner of this contest gets a publishing contract with Penguin Books, but even if I don’t win, this will be a very nice thing to include in cover letters to agents and publishing houses! Here’s my preliminary thank-you to anyone who’s read the book or helped critique sections anytime since it came into being three years ago! Onwards! Upwards!

…I have no clue what happens next in this contest. Rest assured, you WILL hear about it.


One thought on “ANGEL FALLS makes the cut on’s Breakthrough Novel Award Competition!”

  1. Michael,

    Cheers, man. That’s bloody fantastic. Shows at least one of the larger contests out there that gets some flack actually knows what it’s doing. I think you know if I had a voice in such matter,s it would be with Angel Falls. Best of luck with the latter stages of things, don;t drive yourself nuts, you know?



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