Writing by hand…

Writing by hand offers many new challenges and rewards. The best part, I think, is that there’s no room for distractions. No stopping to google, no checking email. You just have to keep going. The drawback, for me at least, is that I type about as fast as I think while I write. However, I’m very slow when writing by hand. So to compensate, I write faster, sloppier, and may or may not be able to read my own notes when it’s all over. We’ll see. The screenplay is progressing. We’re almost ready to begin readings on the drafts of the first three episodes of our TV show, so that’s coming along.

Also, check out trunkmonkeyad.com, quite possibly the best reason I’ve seen in years to support American auto manufacturers.

Super Bowl? Give the MVP to the refs. They changed the course of the game several times.

More book reviews for the site coming soon.

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