WHOA! Nice graphics!

I don’t know why I can remember idiotic things like this, but I’m happy the internet is here to share my knowledge with you. First, I saw an article saying Stephen Colbert’s word “Wikiality” was a buzzworthy word. It reminded me of a horrible rap song ending with something that (to me anyway) sounded like “wiki-wiki-whee!”
THIS then brought to mind the entire lyrics of said commercial: The Legend of Zelda rap song. Yes, ask me anytime, anywhere, and I can bust this gem out for you. Or, if you’d like, I can sing the lyrics to the A-Team action figure commercial. This is why I can’t remember important things.

Here’s the best part for you: YouTube has a copy of said commercial. These kids are two of the absolute geekiest, most awkward, gangliest, dorkiest… well, you get the idea. You might think my favorite part would be the repeated emphasis on the blonde geek’s geekiness. Or the bad jean jacket on his Husky friend. No, my favorite is the exclamation “Whoa! Nice graphics!” followed by an intense thirty seconds of quick-cut 8-bit glory.
Ah, my childhood. NES+me+late night TV-interest in athletics until Jr. High=overweight kid with too much Pop culture knowledge.
PS – I had a similar spiky haircut as well. Those of you who were young and chunky in the 80s will remember this style well, as it preceded our Presidentially Mandated Mullet Phase. (You may want to pause the jukebox if you’re reading this from my blog’s main page)

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