Things you learn on the bus…

So the 5:51 bus was a good twenty minutes late… or perhaps the 6:20 bus was 10 minutes early. Hmmm. It was a very interesting twenty minute ride.

I got to hear a man hold forth on the difficulties of dealing with police when all one wants to do is use drugs in a hotel room. Did you know that many hotels near Alvarado street have city-mandated slow flush toilets that take five minutes to go down? Me neither! But apparently, it leaves your evidence in there, spinnin’ and spinnin’. He suggests using in a room near the back, so you can be ready to jump if someone kicks the door in.

Also, never give someone your real name, and don’t try to cut deals with more than one person. If it’s one on one, you can build trust, but you don’t need a third pair of eyes looking out for you. And there are some people that just get jealous of someone that rises up too fast, and they start snitching.

Not that I like riding the bus, mind you, but it’s a gold mine of stories. If I didn’t have to work I’d have some great ideas for stories I could cover on the bus.

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