They oughta call Syria…

I find GW’s sense of world politics interesting. Hezbollah is playing their music too loud, and George W. thinks good neighbor Syria should tell them to knock off that shit. Drunken Texas block party meets the UN.
I also love Bolton’s comment that this will be over in a nanosecond if Lebanon turns the two Israeli soldiers back over. What will he say if they turn them over and follow up with another rocket attack? Or if Israel presses their offensive? Or if the soldiers are handed over piece by piece? Does anyone in the administration have a remote grasp of the intricacies of foreign policy?
Do they really think “do what we say, not what we do” is an effective leadership strategy?

Also, a couple of things to worry about…
If the cruise ship coming in to rescue US citizens is attacked or destroyed, it will be linked back to Iran, and then the gloves come off. Or, if Israel pushes into enemy territory enough for Iran to get nervous and strike back, our gloves come off.
You know what? Here’s my prediction:
The gloves are going to come off. You’re going to hear rhetoric about not wanting to get involved in a foreign war, then rhetoric about destroying those who would harbor and aid terrorists, then rhetoric about bringing democracy to Iran, Syria, and Lebanon…
Have we heard this before? Will people fall for it again?
What do we tell our troops in Iraq? Good four years, guys, here’s to four more in an even more vicious environment?
As Fox will tell you (in a fair and balanced way) World War III has begun and we should seize the chance to attack Syria and Iran. In a sense, I would hope it happened so we could bring about a final resolution to the conflict. The problem with final resolutions is that they look like Auschwitz and Buchenwald, Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
GW got us into this mess, and his way of getting us out is to wade in deeper.

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