The world is full of interesting people…

I’m signed up for a newsgroup for Salsa dancing in L.A. I expect to get emails about where to go to dance, dance classes, salsa dancing… even a recipe for salsa would still seem relevant. But today, I got this email, which I present to you, unedited:
“I would like to thank all the readers that have contacted me and have offered their support and have acknowledge my blessing in spiritual work, which I offer with alot of love for those who are seeking spiritual guidence. Once again I would like to thank my salsarican family for giving me the oppurtunity to be in their group, because if is not for them I would not be able to help alot of you with my psychic abilities.”
There’s a story in this somewhere. Or at least the plot for a pilot episode of a horrible NBC crime drama… “You loved Medium… now get ready for CSI: Psychic Salsera Unit!”

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