The time is coming for a new look…

I think January 1st will be the launch of an all-new I’ve got a few things cooking, visual improvements, content, etc. Plus, the blog will be directly featured on the main page (which will help my google rankings. Does anyone like the Monkeytunes? I’m considering moving it sitewide…).

More importantly, I’ll be launching – my web design studio! I need to get some graphic work finished up, but I have a large enough portfolio that I think it’s time for the business to look like… well, a business.

The next two days will be rough. We’re driving to Tucson for Thanksgiving with Aleks’s friends, and then I’ve got to get up at 4AM to get over to BestBuy for a ridiculous good deal on a laptop. THEN, we have to find a CompUSA so Aleks can get more memory for her camera. I hate the crowds. I love the deals.

One thought on “The time is coming for a new look…”

  1. DOOD! My buddy and I were gonna go to Best Buy at 1am, but his wife drove by at 9pm and there were already a couple dozen people out! So unless your going to a secret Best Buy in the middle of nowheres, you might be in trouble. Word.

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