The Most Annoying Jingle of All Time

So. I was driving to work one day long ago when a commercial came on for the Penny Saver, one or those local classified papers where people sell cars, trucks, furniture, relatives, etc. So the lady starts by singing the words “Penny Saver”. And she keeps repeating them. No problem, I think. Repetition, they’re just playing the old Ad Game…

But she keeps saying Penny Saver. Penny Saver. Penny Saver. Penny Saver.
THEN, and this is the best part – she starts rapping about the Penny Saver.
But not in a way that would be cool or helpful in describing the product. No. She starts each line of the song with – you guessed it – Penny Saver.

Penny Saver Who? Penny Saver How? Penny Saver Kill Me! Now now now!

At first, I laughed. Then I cringed in horror. Then I laughed again. Surely this commercial couldn’t go on much longer. I was wrong. Oh so wrong. They need to send this MP3 to Git’mo to aid in interrogation. This would break any suspect in under an hour…

Listen for yourself! This month, on the Monkeytunes, the last track is this aural poison. Listen if you dare!

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