Staying home sick today…

What with the car theft and all, I should have stayed home on Monday, but had a huge office project to do, etc. So I got through that, slogged through Tuesday feeling kind of stuffy, and decided that today I’d stay home and get some rest. No news on the car yet. I’m keeping my eyes on the news to see if it ends up involved in a car chase or something.
It’s odd. Sort of like having a child kidnapped, I suppose (or maybe a puppy, or an expensive piece of furniture). You hope to get it back, but you are filled with dread at what may have happened in your absence.
Here’s to hoping my car was stolen by some Robin Hood type who is now riding around giving out free food to homeless people or something. It would be nice if he would bring my things back, at least.

By the way, a fun thing to do on days home sick is, where you can see celebrities who are too “big” to do commercials domestically shill for stuff in Japan. My recommendations: start with Arnold Schwarzenegger (“Yosh! Muy MUY!”) and move on to Brad Pitt (“Do you like my ass?”). You can also see Sean Connery, Sly Stallone, Natalie Portman, and more.

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