Republicans can’t seem to get the story straight…

Bush discusses certain key attributes of the case with representative Foley…

While Rush Limbaugh vehemently disagrees.

I think someone’s feeling a little inadequate here…

In all seriousness, between the Foley scandal and the North Korea situation, what has our current leadership (in power for 6 years now) give us as an excuse for these events? What is their rationale behind everything?

You guessed it.

Hey, whether you liked him or not, based on his track record, I think it’s safe to assume there are some things he just wouldn’t lie about.

All I know is, if I had a job for six years and something went wrong, I would be fired in a heartbeat if I tried to blame anything on the guy who came before me. If you can’t fix a problem in six years, a problem that has been brought up before (in the Foley case) and repeatedly (in the NK case), then maybe…just maybe… you’re not cut out to lead. Here’s hoping things change in November.

UPDATE: A lot of people have missed the fact that this posting is less of a political comment and more of a sophomoric joke about male endowment. So there’s your on-the-nose joke explanation.

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